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In Bodden means shallow bays of the Baltic Sea, which have formed since the last ice age.   Numerous shallow bays and deeper channels dissect the landscape. The banks are mostly covered by reeds and offer rare plants and animals. Large parts of the Bodden are therefore protected by the National Park  , the" South-East Rügen Biosphere Reserve "and smaller nature reserves  . In the natural landscape, the fishing is one of something very special, in Germany, where else can eagles, armies of cranes and wild geese seen and still a big one trick? Then there is the peace and seclusion. Especially predator fishing with lures from a boat enjoying increasing popularity. The big problem is finding the fish to the giant water. This requires a lot of luck, or rather years of experience. Over the years, but some sites proved to be catchy, under certain conditions. Therefore, it is better to trust a knowledgeable local fishing guides (Guide), to make the success more likely.

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